At Akstra we're true believers in science and technology, with a philosophy for change and results. With this in mind, all Akstra models utilize light rejuvenating sciences such as LLLT and phototherapy.

Akstra uses these methods in the restoration and rejuvenation of hair. LLLT stands for low-level laser therapy, which consists of precision lasers or light-emitting diodes, being applied to the users scalp. LLLT energy when applied to the hair promotes the stimulation of hair growth.

Other broader names for LLLT include "phototherapy" or "biophotostimulation" that consist of lasers for hair growth and light-emmiting diodes (LED) for hair rejuvenation.

How does the Akstra work?

The Akstra uses light energy to promote cellular productivity and increased blood flow to hair. This is achieved through the transfer of energy in the form of photons, which gives cells excess energy to work with. Cells with a combined increase in blood-flow, bring nutrients to the hair that results in hair growth and hair rejuvenation.

How does the Akstra work
Thinning Hair Follicles
Laser Hair Therapy Treatment
Stimulated Hair Follicles

Akstra and LLLT at work

Laser and LED light is packed full of energy in the form of photons, and when applied to the scalp has various positive effects on your body. Energy from the light is absorbed by the bodies cells, and is said to increase NO (nitric oxide) which is the bodies currency for fuel. The body with increased energy (fuel), works at a supercharged rate, kick-starting and changing chemical and physical responses within the body, and results in biological effects on the applied areas.

Phototherapy brings changes in the bodies cells and energizes them, while chemical changes are in result of photochemisty and the physical changes are in due to photophysics. Biological effects on the bodies tissue are called photobiomodulation.

Akstra combats pattern hair loss

The Akstra device stimulates hair growth through photobiomodulation, promoting a chemical reaction within the hair follicle cells.

Akstra uses technology gained from hair growth research, which shows that LLLT works in reversing follicular apoptosis (cell death) when exposed to energy from lasers.

Optimal hair growth is governed by specific wavelength stimulation, power and intensity of light, which are important factors when treating hair loss.

The Akstra is safe for all hair stypes, and a perfect solution to invasive hair loss surgery.

Prime candiditates:

Hair loss physicians and Medical experts agree, that LLLT hair loss treatments are high recommended for growing hair, in those who suffer from androgenetic alopecia-inheritied patter hair loss.

When treating androgentic alopecia, experts have found that hair growth is most effective in those with minimal, to moderate hair loss. Responses from LLLT do range, as everybodys hair is different andresults may vary from person to person.

LLLT effective in hair restoration?

Medical experts and studies agree that LLLT to be effective in growing hair, with observations noting that overal health and condition of hair being improved in the treated areas.

How long is an Akstra LLLT treatment?

Akstra LLLT hair growth is not a one off treatment for hair loss, it is designed to be repeated and results to be maintained. A typical Akstra treatment consists of 2 sessions, which are to be repeated twice a week. Session times last between 20 to 25 minuts per treatment. Once hair growth has been achieved, a reccomended maintaince treatment once a week is advised, to keep hair more volumised and healthy.

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